How To Join

In order to make sure our ministry maintains internal harmony in our Biblical teachings and in Christian conduct, we find it necessary to establish the following recruiting process:

There is a 3 step process to becoming a member:


This is an opportunity for you to hang around our ministry to get to know us on a personal level. During this period of time, however long you make it, you will be able to determine whether or not this is the ministry where you feel called to serve. All you have to do initially is contact us via the CONTACT PAGE and let us know which branch of our ministry you will like to get familiar with.


This is an opportunity for us to assign duties and responsibilities to you so that we can get determine whether or not you are a dedicated and responsible person. During this time you will get to experience how it feels like to be part of our ministry. This period of time is usually from six months to a year. At any time during this period, we will make the decision to elevate you to the next step.


After the initial “hangaround” period which will last as long as you decide, and thereafter you go through the “prospecting” period which will last as long as we decide, then you will be honored with full “membership” in our ministry. Wheels 4 Christ has earned the recognition and respect of the local bikers and of the general public.

Through participation in our ministry, you will be have an important role in ministering to those in need, and in bringing the message of hope and salvation which is made available through our Lord Jesus Christ. At the same time you will enjoy FELLOWSHIP with other believers, SPIRITUAL GROWTH through our weekly Bible studies, and please God through your involvement in one of our EVANGELISTIC branches of our ministry.

We need you. Pray about it and then contact us.